Our practice is focused on representing injured workers, victims of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and families of wrongful death victims.

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Workers Compensation

If you were severely injured at work, or you’re suffering from a condition that resulted over the course of the years, doing the same repetitive work everyday, our dedicated professionals are here to listen to your story.

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Dog Bites

Being injured by a dog bite or another animal can cause serious injuries to you that include puncture wounds, cuts, and permanent disfigurement or scarring.

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Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can change your life dramatically, especially if you have suffered from a serious injury or you have lost loved one as a result of the accident.

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Construction Accidents

If you find yourself unable to work or you have physical restrictions from returning to work, we can work with you and your doctor to make sure the Department of Labor and Industries or the Self-Insured Employer are aware. We want you to focus on your health while we deal with your claim manager.

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Personal Injury

We have helped thousands of injured workers get back on the right track to go after the Department of Labor and Industries or the Self-Insured Employer to receive the injured worker’s entitled benefits and compensation.

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Slip Trip and Fall

We all fall down at times. However, if an obstacle caused you to slip and fall, or trip and fall, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us today for your free consultaton.

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Since 1981, the Tacoma Injury Law Group, Inc., P.S. (Formerly George M. Riecan & Associates, Inc., P.S.), has successfully represented thousands of clients in Western Washington.

Our practice is focused on representing injured workers, victims of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and families of wrongful death victims. This practice was built on the ideals of representing those who need it, and giving everyone a fighting chance. Everyone who is wrongfully injured is entitled to the best legal representation. You need to be represented by someone who understands the physical and emotional pain that is associated with these types of injuries: injuries caused by the conduct of others, which falls below the standard of law established to protect you, and your loved ones, against unreasonable risk of harm. Justice demands those at fault to be held responsible and Tacoma Injury Law Group has been fighting for more than thirty-five years to make sure that you get the compensation and treatment that you are entitled.

Not long ago, you had a steady job. A career. You worked hard to provide for your family. But, because of a workplace injury, car accident or other injury due to someone else’s negligence, you were hurt physically, and possibly even psychologically, and you now pay an unjust price: lost time, lost wages, medical expenses, and even unemployment. You fear that you may never be able to do the job you once did, the job you were good at. Medical bills pile up. Your family scrapes to get by. And, all the while, you are physically unable to work and your employer and/or insurance provider refuses to pay for the care to which you are entitled, claiming it’s not their responsibility. Though the system claims to be set up to work for you, it seldom does on its own. That’s why we’re here.

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Recent Settlements and Verdicts


Verdict and settlement in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington: Toxic Gas Exposure


Settlement for Aviation Accident Wrongful Death


Verdict and settlement in Pierce County Superior Court: Construction Site Accident

Settlement: Construction Site Accident
Settlement: Work Site Accident


Hundreds of Department of Labor & Industries Pension Awards



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Some happy clients


They are good lawyers, I say this from experience, they take me a case and they are experienced and very friendly lawyers.

Yamilethe Masis


I have been a client for 10 years now no complaints from me.

Marche Chapman


I have bin involved in several occupational accidents that I could not handle all the legality by my self. Feeling overwhelmed by this I sought the advice of a law firm. I meet with Pablo Ortiz who calmed me down and said that he would help me. I was relieved that the pressure was off me and since that meeting I have no regrets .The firm has been professional and forthright in its dealings with me. Highly recommended.

Bob Flosi


They are very knowledgeable about injury law and Labor and industry processes.
I felt at ease as soon as I met with them the first time. Prior to our meeting I thought my life was over, I felt unsure how to navigate through the endless paperwork and the Bills stacking up! I have them to thank for helping me fight for my rights as an injured worker.

Debbie Hloznik


The representation I have received from Tacoma Injury Law Group has been professional and caring, my best interest has always been top priority. I am very grateful to Scott and the rest of the staff for always getting things done, there has never been a problem or issue too big, I will recommend this firm to everyone I come across in need of a great injury attorney! Thank you so much, especially to Scott Mills…a job well done.

Frank Duran


I wasn’t getting anywhere with L&I on my own. I wasn’t even getting my time loss like promised, I needed to pay bills and feed my kid. I went into Tacoma Injury and Law and they sat me down to hear my concerns and treated me like a human being instead of some number in a computer system. I immediately got the help I needed every step of the way through the L&I process. Stephanie and Doug went to battle for me whenever necessary. I didn’t have to worry about anything. If unfortunately I have to deal with L&I again my first call will be to Stephanie!! Thank you for all your help!

Tony Heimann


Could not say enough to explain to care that they put into there clients world of difference from a normal legal office thank you thank you thank you and would for sure recommend to my own brother ….

Casey Steiner

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Our practice is focused on representing injured workers, and victims of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and families of wrongful death victims.

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